About Us

This website is our STADIUM to celebrate the game of CRICKET!

And, we are a team of CRICKET FANATICS whose thoughts revolve around CRICKET!

However, we are LAZY..very very LAZY with so many other things to do!

We hardly give time to our PASSION being busy giving time to our CEO’s passion!

So we don’t UPDATE our websites regularly or give UPDATES on all CRICKET MATCHES!

Anyways, you can find updates of every match on every other WEBSITE, NEWS or APPS.

We are majorly concerned for our LAZY Cricket fans who are engaged in their personal or professional lives
SO MUCH that they forgot that a series has just come to an end and they couldn’t follow it! Now they are eager to know what had happened.

We intend to summarise the UPDATES on MOST of the CRICKET SERIES so that you don’t have to look for the scores of every match of that series. (And trust us, we would try to be funny with that as well!)

Your feedback is most welcome to help us improve so keep them coming!