Beginning of childhood passion

I don't remember when did I start watching cricket or which day, month or year it was. I have a vague memory of watching an India vs xyz ODI match which my father was watching. Kanitkar was batting, and the game had Agarkar in it, of course, Ganguly was also there. India lost that match, and I was very disappointed. Then I remember attending my music class at my teacher's house when Ganguly scored 183 runs against Sri Lanka in a World Cup match. We all students left our music practice and stood in front of our teacher's TV room, and our class was later cancelled. I remember how well Klusener played in the World Cup Series and how unfortunately South Africa failed to score the winning run and tied the semi-final match with Australia. And then Australia won the World Cup. So, It was the 1999 World Cup that I roughly remember as a kid. It was the time when I started liking and enjoying cricket matches.

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